Services provided

  • Competition research
  • Creation of the logo and visual identity
  • Creation of a website
  • Design of the Android Wodout application IU

Mission duration: 3 months

Client: Wodout

Delivery: September 2017


Wodout is a training program based on Cross training adapted to all sports levels via a mobile application.

Wodout gives the possibility to train for body weight but can also adapt to the equipment entered into the application: kettlebell, drawbar, weightlifting bar, skipping rope and many others… Giving access to multiple techniques, all detailed in video to train under the best conditions. No more monotony, Wodout offers a varied training. Training alone, with a friend or in a group, share experiences and emotions through the application. No more expensive sports halls, Wodout offers subscriptions accessible to everyone.

What are the values conveyed by the entity?

Accessibility / independence / performance / choice

What are the entity’s main orientations?

A refined environment / ease of use

What do you want us to associate with your entity?

Difficulty / Not assimilating the entity to Crossfit

What is the vocation of the entity?

program / sport / crosstraining / weight loss / community / change / fitness / maintenance / independence

Who will this new visual identity be aimed at?

Athletes from competing applications / Crosstrainers needing freedom / Athletes with limited budgets / People looking for a new way to train.

Existing logo

and competition

New visual identity and logo








Creation of a responsive WordPress website with the objective of presenting the Wodout brand and its service. Optimization of the website via Hotjar in order to drive as many users as possible to download the mobile application. Integration of the live chat solution Crisp to make the customer experience better.

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